Brain Game App Improve Your Brain Ability

Brain Game App is the new brain teaser addictive gaming app to lay down new neural
pathways & enhance memory.

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Brain Game App

Brain Game App

With a great collection of fun and addictive mini-games, the Brain Game app is a modern take on improving productivity, cognitive skills & concentration. Playfully, the app challenges your brain to work out and, over time, enhance skills. Each game you play will sharpen your mind and will help learn how to memorize color, shape, number, follow text, colors, play Schulte table, sort sequence, and more. This brain training app works on different areas of the brain, and at every level, players can take a skill test. Also, they can test their reflexes, get a real-time progress card, and learn how to finish a task in a given time.

Increase focus

Increase focus

Play a series of memory training exercises & train the brain.

User Friendly

Mindful Games

Personalized games to improve attention span and sort sequence.

Remarkable Features

With addictive games, puzzles, sleek and easy-to-use interface, the Brain Game app is designed to improve your cognitive abilities and mental agility. As the player moves to higher levels, games get challenging, making the player do a solid brain workout.

Memorize Things

Memorize Things

Improve your memory. Learn to memorize shapes, numbers and more.

Real-time Progress Report

Real-time Progress Report

Get an insight into how far you have come while playing problem-solving, Schulte Table, and so on.

Workout Your Math problems

Workout Your Math problems

Challenge your brain & boost intelligence by focusing and solving mathematical problems quickly.

Set Your Data Plan

The perfect brain training app

Learn to focus, broaden your thinking & improve reasoning ability by solving optical illusions.

Brain Game App
Brain Game App

How Does the Brain Game App Work?

We have got you covered.

1 Brain Game App
Download Brain Game App

Head to Google Play Store to get the app. Tap Install > Open. Launch the app and create a profile to keep track of your progress.

2 Brain Game App
Play Mini-Games

Once you have the app running, select from the game you want to play. From Schulte Table to knowing your share, you have different games.

3 Brain Game App
Track Your Progress

Know how many levels you cleared. Check Analytics to know how far you've come, the number of times you've played a game with date & time.

Gallery - App Screenshots

Brain Game app is an excellent brain training app that playfully gives you challenging tasks to help improve your focus and concentration.

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Brain Game App
Brain Game App
Improve Your Brain Ability

A new brain teaser addictive gaming app that will help reach your goals and enhance memory, concentration, and focus.

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