Locker For SnapApp Chat Best App To Lock & Hide Personal Chats From Others!

Locker For SnapApp Chat is a unique & useful app focused on your privacy & security. Just a single tap & lock your private Snapchat conversations!

  • Locker for instagram Classic Interface For
    Effortless Navigation
  • Locker for instagram Supports PIN &
    Fingerprint Locking
  • Locker for instagram Light On Phone
Locker for SnapChat

About Locker For SnapApp Chat

Locker For SnapApp Chat is a unique security vault application that makes your life easy when it comes to providing a shield to your personal & group conversations on Snapchat. Using this secure app locker, you can keep your messages or the entire app safe & can only be opened via PIN or Fingerprint authentication. The app protector brings an intuitive & simple interface for great experience. It offers impeccable features like fast & easy locking & unlocking, hassle-free Email-based password recovery and its optimization for almost all devices, makes it the best Android locker!

Easy to use

Easy to use

User-friendly UI for smooth navigation.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Offers PIN & Fingerprint Authentication.

Key Features

Locker For SnapApp Chat is a smart security solution designed to protect your personal, group conversations or entire application in a single tap. It supports PIN & Fingerprint authentication for overall privacy!

Good-Looking Interface

Fresh Interface

Presents a simple UI with large & clear buttons for faster & easier locking & unlocking.

Lock With Ease

One-Tap Away To Lock Chats

Keep your privacy intact with high-level security integration in form of PIN & Fingerprint.

One-Tap Protection

Lock App With High Security

Offers impeccable features to lock not only private or group chats but the entire app itself.

Lightweight on battery

Good Performance

Doesn’t occupy much space on your device or affect battery performance.

Why Choose Locker For SnapApp Chat?

Well, anytime you encounter a situation when you don’t want someone to snoop into your phone, then choose undoubtedly Locker For SnapApp Chat for ultimate protection!
Using this great Android locker app, you can easily secure your private and group Snapchat conversations & snaps to maintain privacy & keep snoopers away. It supports PIN & Fingerprint authentication to prevent unauthorized access!

Why Choose Locker for SnapChat - Secure Private Chat?

Locker For SnapApp Chat – Screenshots

Have a look at our Android’s app locker for Snapchat. It offers intuitive features for accomplishing best-in-class security!

Locker for SnapChat
About app Features Why Choose? Screenshots Download
Locker for SnapChat
Locker For SnapApp Chat
Lightweight app protector to lock down your private Snapchat Conversations!

Locker For SnapApp Chat is a robust tool to keep your privacy intact and lock your personal, group or entire app itself in a single tap. It’s equipped with advanced technology to keep your confidential messages & snaps completely safe with PIN & Fingerprint.

Locker for SnapChat

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

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