Photos Cleaner A smart way to keep your photo collection organized.

Intelligently identify and remove unwanted hidden photos from your Android, thereby recovering valuable storage space.

  • Photos Cleaner Scans both internal
    and external storage
  • Photos Cleaner Speeds up slow performing
    Android device
  • Photos Cleaner Helps identify and
    delete hidden photos
Photos Cleaner

About Photos Cleaner

Whenever you open an image in the folder, a thumbnail or soft copy of that image is created. These thumbnail files are basically created to load images quickly and offer a smoother experience. But as thumbnail cache grows your phone starts to behave strangely. Moreover, you face storage issues. To overcome this problem, deleting unwanted data along with unseen images is required. Therefore, to help find these cached images, thumbnail and hidden photos Systweak designed Photos Cleaner. Using this robust app, users can easily find and remove images that are not visible in regular gallery apps. Thus recovering valuable disk space.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Using this app is very simple in just a few taps you can scan and detect unwanted hidden images.

Sort Images

Sort Images

Using the name, size and date filter you can sort the images & decide which one to delete.

Amazing Key Features

Ever wondered, besides photos, videos what else takes up storage space on your Android device? Well, it is the hidden thumbnail images, cached data. To delete this data use Photos Cleaner and declutter your device.

Delete cached image

Delete cached image

Scan your device to identify and remove hidden cached images that take up unnecessary space.

Preview scanned photos

Preview scanned photos

Review scan results and decide whether to delete or keep the thumbnail images.

Recover storage space

Recover storage space

It’s time to reclaim valuable storage space. Get rid of hidden images without compromising security.

Scans SD Card

Scans SD Card

Scans both internal storage and SD card for hidden images thereby allowing to manage photos.

Amazing Key Features
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How does Photos Cleaner Work?

In Just 3 Simple Steps lean how to use Photos Cleaner

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Download Photos Cleaner App

Visit Google Play Store to get Photos Cleaner. Once downloaded tap Open to access the app.

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Scan for Hidden Photos

Tap Scan Photos and grant permission to access photos, media, and files. Afterward, you will see categorically divided scan results.

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Select & Delete Hidden Photos

Choose the photos you want to view, to change sorting tap the three dots. Next, tap the Trash icon to delete and select hidden photos.

Gallery - App Screenshots

Detect and delete hidden photos stored on your Android without your knowledge by using Photos Cleaner app.

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Photos Cleaner
A smart way to keep your photo collection organized

Photos Cleaner performs a comprehensive scan on your Android device and searches for cached images files that take unwanted storage space.

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Requires Android
5.0 and up

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