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If you care about your online security & want to keep your digital identity anonymous
Private Browser Care is what you are looking for.

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Private Browser Care

About Private Browser Care

Everything you ever wanted from a browser is right in front of you, incorporated in Private Browser Care by Systweak. From the creators of Systweak VPN, Private Browser Care is an excellent secure browser for Android users. Using it you can easily block trackers and data grabbing ads – a threat to online security and identity. As a user, you might not know how sites track your online activity but Private Browser Care understands it. Therefore, to ensure user’s safety, help them browse the web without worrying about cache, cookies, or browsing history, and to keep online activity hidden from prying eyes, Systweak created Private Browser Care.

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing

Allows surfing the web in a secure and private manner without being tracked.

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In-Built Ad Blocker

Integrated adblocker to block annoying ads and provide an ad-free browsing experience.

Amazing Key Features

As you browse the web using Private Browser Care, it guarantees that the browsing data is not saved on the mobile or onto any server. Thus ensuring no one can track you using the digital footprints and share/sell online browsing data.

Faster Browsing

Faster Browsing

Unlike other browsers, Private Browser Care is lightweight & does not have fancy add-ons.

Different Browsing Mode

Different Browsing Mode

With a single tap switch between mobile and desktop version of the website for easy browsing.

Built-in Ad Blocker

Built-in Ad Blocker

Private Browser Care allows blocking ads that track online activity & slows down the page loading speed.

Default Secure Browsing

Default Secure Browsing

Make it your default browser and enjoy private browsing each time you access a webpage.

Amazing Key Features
Private Browser Care

How Private Browser Care Works?

In 3 simple steps access the web anonymously!

1 Private Browser Care
Download Private Browser Care App

Visit Google Play Store to download and install Private Browser Care. Once done, launch to start accessing the web securely.

2 Private Browser Care
Surf the Internet Securely

Type web URL in the address bar > tap Go button from the keypad to start surfing without being tracked.

3 Private Browser Care
Browse with Different Modes

Switch between the mobile version and Desktop Site whenever you want from the context menu easily.

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Private Browser Care loads a webpage up to 4 times faster than other popular browsers you ever used.

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Private Browser Care
A Safe Way to Browse the Internet

Private Browser Care is a fast multi-tab browser that allows surfing the Internet without saving any search histories, cache, or cookies.

Private Browser Care

Requires Android
5.0 and up

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