AppLock Protect Your Privacy, Lock Apps on Your Phone with One-Tap!

AppLock helps lock Apps on your Android phone with a Passcode or Pattern, thereby preventing any unauthorized access.

  • Intuitive UI For Easy Navigation Intuitive UI For
    Easy Navigation
  • Supports PIN & Pattern Lock Supports PIN &
    Pattern Lock
  • Occupies less space & Light on Device Resources Occupies less space &
    Light on Device Resources

About AppLock

It’s a simple to use Android application that helps lock Apps on your phone, thus avoiding any illicit access. This Android App Locker is easy to use and in a single tap helps lock apps on your phone.

Using a PIN or Pattern you can lock apps and secure your private information saved in apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. from meddling eyes. Furthermore you can lock gallery, Banking Apps, while still allowing others to use your phone, when needed. This makes it an excellent way to share the device with limited access to a set of applications.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

PIN and Pattern Authentication.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

One-tap Android App locking.

Key Features

Avoid unauthorized access to apps installed on your Android phone or share your phone with others without worrying about access to your private information, using AppLock.

Easy to Use Interface

Set up and lock/unlock Apps on your Phone In a few taps.

Unlock with Ease

Added PIN and Pattern security to quickly lock/unlock Apps.

Light on Resources

Minimal battery usage without affecting the phone’s performance.

Easy Recovery

Recover PIN via email in-case it is forgotten/lost.

Why Choose AppLock

If you share your phone with others like children, family members, or friends, use AppLock to safeguard your personal information stored in Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, banking apps, etc. The app supports PIN & Pattern Locking thereby allowing you to easily lock down your apps with a single-tap.

Why Choose AppLock

AppLock - Screenshots

Before installing the Android app locker, look at its interface and features via the screenshots:

About Features Why Choose? Screenshots Download
Protect your privacy by locking Apps on your Android phone with one-tap

Protect your privacy and secure your financial information by locking the Apps via Passcode or Pattern. AppLock allows locking all types of Android apps, consequently forbidding unauthorized view or access to your apps. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Banking apps, and wallets can be locked, hence keeping personal information secure.


Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

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