Startup Manager Speed Up Slow Mac Startup

Startup Manager gets rid of unwanted startup apps, browser extensions, custom login scripts, vulnerable files, etc. that hog up memory and prolong the startup time!

  • Fastest scanning
    and cleaning
  • Keep useless
    startup apps at bay
  • Speed up Mac
    Startup time

Os X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Control Apps Control Apps

Take Control Of Your Mac

Startup Manager gives the user control of their Mac by displaying a list of non-apple apps that might be slowing down production.

Disable Unwanted Applications

Experience another level boost in Mac’s startup and running performance by disabling startup apps and infectious scripts.

Control running items at Startup

Startup applications, installed browser extensions and internet plug-ins can be scanned & disabled using the tool.

Avoid crashing of OS

Startup Manager is capable of detecting and removing modules of code that load directly into the kernel, hence OS doesn’t freeze.

Clean & Spacious Mac

Have a gripping control on Mac as Startup Manager makes enough disk space by removing unwanted apps swiftly.

startup-manager - Privacy Protection

Privacy Privacy

Privacy Protection

Staying away from malicious and infected plug-ins that appear in the system are easily detected and removed using Startup Manager.

Scan & Review

Quickly detects any unusual plug-ins and scripts that could be infected and disables them.

Delete Unwanted Items

After detecting any infectious login items, startup script or app, choose to delete it so as to keep privacy upright.

Saves Data Leaks

Any infectious startup item might bring unwanted challenges to Mac, so stay safe from it using Startup Manager.

Prevent Identity Theft

Removing information saved on browsers, Windows registry etc. prevents it from identity thieves.

Clean your hard drive

Performance Performance

Experience Peak Performance

By disabling unwanted browser plug-ins, library inserts, and login items, one can enjoy quick startup as well as running peak performance.

Lists Non-Apple Applications

Startup Manager efficiently lists out non-apple apps that might be slowing the performance of your Mac.

Scans Out Unwanted Items

Many unnecessary applications, plug-ins, login items, kernel extensions, etc. are scanned and can be manually disabled.

Authorization Plug-ins

Startup Manager looks out for those plug-ins that use macOS authorization services to allow code execution during login.

Takes Care Of Mac’s Memory

All the applications that slow down the startup speed and overall performance are detected by the tool.

Complete Browsing Protection

Protection Protection

Complete Browsing Protection

Start Manager efficiently searches for undesirable plug-ins and installed extensions that might threaten the security of your Mac.

Improves Browsing Experience

This tool allows swift browsing on Safari and Mozilla Firefox when Startup Manager removes snail-like plug-ins easily.

Remove Malicious Extensions

Also scan for malicious and suspicious browser extensions to ensure complete protection.

Distraction-Free Browsing

Removing annoying browsing extensions and scripts improves browser performance and speed.

Scan Hidden Threats

Startup Manager also looks out for apps that disguise themselves as genuine, thus improving security.

Control Apps Privacy Performance Protection Download
startup-manager - Speed up slow Mac
Startup Manager
Speed Up Startup Time & Boost Mac Performance

Startup Manager scans and detects unwanted startup apps, vulnerable files and browser plug-ins to save memory space and accelerate startup time. Overall performance of Mac improves with the tool as well.

Download Startup Manager Download Startup Manage OS X 10.9 or later,
64-bit processor
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