Duplicate Music Fixer Powerful Software to Remove Duplicate MP3 Files

Duplicate Music Fixer finds and removes duplicate music files giving you a clutter free music collection. It detects similarities in MP3 files and helps retain highest quality audio files automatically.

  • Delete duplicate MP3 files
    in a single click.
  • Create Playlist & enjoy
    your favourite songs.
  • Filter the best audio files from
    the duplicates automatically.
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Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
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Delete Duplicate Music Files

Duplicate Music Fixer is a powerful duplicate audio file finder tool that scans your hard drive for duplicate mp3 files and removes duplicate music files.

Review Scan Results

This amazing duplicate file remover tool performs scan to find duplicate audio files and allows you to review scan results.

Rearrange Songs

Duplicate music files clutter song lists. Using this duplicate mp3 finder you can deduplicate the list and rearrange the mp3 files.

Remove Duplicate Music Files

Scan results are displayed side by side for easy comparison, allowing you to select the duplicate mp3 files you would like to remove.

Groups Duplicate Mp3 Files

This duplicate audio file finder groups duplicate files so that you can easily choose the files to keep.

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Manage Storage space better


Manage Storage space better

If you’re running out of storage space, chances are you have duplicate music files. Duplicate Music Fixer will help in removing them.

Free up Gigabytes of space

Duplicate audio files take a lot of unnecessary space. Using Duplicate Music Fixer, remove these mp3 files & recover space.

Removes Duplicate Audio Files

Duplicate music files clutter playlists and take unwanted disk space. With duplicate music file finder you can easily remove duplicate mp3 files.

Advanced Scan and Search Algorithms

Uses advanced algorithm to find and remove duplicate music files that take unnecessary space.

Finds similar or duplicate music files

Based on ID3 tags like Title, Album, Artists, File Type, BitRate, File Name etc., this program helps to remove duplicate music files.

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Remove Duplicate Music Files

Easy Selection

Eliminate Duplicate Music Files

Finding duplicate music files manually is tough. But with Duplicate Music Fixer, easily find and remove duplicate audios.

Selection Assistant

This unique feature allows you to automark duplicate music files. Simply click the magic wand and presto!

Integrated Play Button

Want to listen to mp3 files before deleting them? You can play detected duplicate music files and decide what to delete.

Intuitive Interface

Easy to use interface makes using Duplicate Music Fixer easy and states where to look for similar and duplicate mp3 files.

Supports Different File Formats

Duplicate Music Fixer scans your system for all popular music formats to detect and remove duplicate audio files.

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Enjoy Music at your Ease

Duplicate Music Fixer removes duplicate music files in a snap, so you can enjoy music, without cluttered playlists.

Get an Organized Music Library

Keep your music library organized and clutter-free with Duplicate Music Fixer for a neatly arranged library.

Organize Your Music Collection

In just a few clicks organize your music collection and enjoy listening to your favourite tracks without repetitions.

Create Playlists

Duplicate Music Fixer removes duplicate music files and creates an album wise playlist so that you enjoy missing songs.

View Scan Results

Want to know which duplicate music files you deleted? Use History feature to load scan results.

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Duplicate Music Fixer
Duplicate Music Fixer
Get the power to tidy up your music collection

Duplicate Music Fixer can find redundant music files that take unnecessary storage space. Quickly find, removes and organize your music collection like never before!

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Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

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